Manila Central University and Southstar Drug Collaborate through Memorandum of Understanding

A new collaboration has emerged between Manila Central University and Southstar Drug, a drugstore chain serving the Philippines since 1937. This partnership marks the beginning of a groundbreaking initiative to raise the standards of pharmacy education and practice.

The primary focus of this partnership is to provide pharmacy students with ample career growth opportunities, such as internships, job placements, and sponsored training programs. The official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MCU and Southstar Drug last April 19, 2023, highlighted the commitment of both institutions to the partnership and the positive changes it will bring to the pharmacy field.

This collaboration seeks to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to excel in their profession. It will help to advance healthcare education and career development in the Philippines. Both MCU and Southstar Drug are optimistic about the partnership's success and look forward to its positive impact on the future of pharmacy in the country.