MCU-College of Dentistry Students Immersed in Short-study Program in Japan

The news of the success of the MCU-College of Dentistry students, Mr. Wilson J. Sarmiento and Ms. Ma. Abegail Frias, has been met with enthusiasm. The duo, together with the support of the prestigious Japan Student Support Organization (JASSO), participated in an exceptional ten-day Short Study program at Niigata University's Faculty of Dentistry and Hospital in Japan.

Under the tutelage of the best in the field, the students had the privilege of immersing themselves in the world of dental training and exploring the latest dental treatments used in Japan. They were able to witness firsthand the cutting-edge facilities of the university and gain a wealth of knowledge in their chosen profession.

This remarkable achievement highlights the strong partnership between MCU and Niigata University, emphasizing MCU's commitment to providing excellent education and global exposure to their students. Mr. Sarmiento and Ms. Frias are both applauded for taking advantage of this life-changing opportunity and for expanding their knowledge and skills in the field of dentistry.