MCU’s Future Plans Featured in the Press!

It is common knowledge that an aesthetically pleasing environment can help students be more productive. With this perspective, Manila Central University is gearing up for a bigger and bolder change this 2023.

After 118 years of sustained excellence, the university continues to gear up toward a more fresh and vibrant campus to cater to and educate more young people. With a brighter envision for the coming years, MCU partners with the renowned architecture firm Palafox.

"The university has been embracing nature for years. We are tucked in charming hectares of land, surrounded by around 499 trees. So, now, with this new aesthetic, we've woven this aspect into the university's overall design while, at the same time, providing wide breathing spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for safety in the new normal that is living right now," - Vice President for Planning and External Affairs, Dr. Renato Tanchoco Jr.

After making such an important statement, various press produces articles to spread the excellent news to the general populace. Furthermore, the new MCU facade design shall be finished before the academic year 2023–2024, while the overall construction plan will take about 20 years to complete. Moreover, Manila Central University assures its students that the current renovation won't interfere with their education.


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