MCU-CPh @118: A Celebration of Passion, Resilience, and Commitment

Manila Central University (MCU) was the first school of Pharmacy run by Filipinos. It was established in 1904 by the First President of MCU, Atty. Filemon Dionisio Tanchoco, with his hopes and vision for the greater good of young Filipinos. The institution carried on Atty. Tanchoco's legacy successfully conquered various adversities for 118 years.

The commemoration of the MCU-College of Pharmacy (CPh) Founding Anniversary was a significant event since it was the chance to remind the students and the MCU community about the humble beginnings of the educational institution. 

And to express the unceasing gratitude and honor of MCU-CPh, the event commenced with a bright and gleeful parade at the Centennial Gymnasium. A Thanksgiving Mass went along as a response of glory to God's everlasting grace to make the institution more relevant in the lives of the youth. 

"In this institution, we will teach you, share our knowledge and guide you in your skills, and the real learning will happen when you practice your profession," Dr. Tanchoco explained. He also said that pharmacists' role in these times is pivotal and encourages students to study well.    

Moreover, after a glimpse of the rich history of the MCU-CPh, a well-renowned expert in the field of Pharmacy Practice and an MCU Alumni from the Class of 2013, Mr. Mark Harvey B. Adamson, RPh, MSPh, delivered a special message to the Pharmacy students. "Success is not defined by money, by your fame. But really, success for me is defined by pursuing your happiness and pursuing your passion," he stated. Correspondingly, Mr. Adamson expressed an enlightening notion that individuals become so preoccupied with social media that they forget to reflect on what they want. 

In conjunction with the 118th years of excellence, Pharmautakan, Pharmavengers: War of Minds, a fun-filled activity was conducted and enjoyed by the Pharmacy students at Helix Auditorium. 

As the ceremony concluded, Manila Central University-College of Pharmacy (CPh) was acquiring higher peaks of success for its Founding Anniversary.