Manila Central University Partners with Shinagawa Lasik Center for Groundbreaking Collaboration

Manila Central University was delighted to unveil an exciting new partnership with none other than Shinagawa Lasik Center, a global leader in LASIK surgery and a prominent chain of Aesthetic Clinics in Japan. The momentous collaboration was solidified on July 19, 2023, marking a significant milestone for both institutions.

Shinagawa Lasik Center's remarkable 30-year journey has propelled it to the forefront of LASIK and Aesthetics medicine worldwide. Boasting an impressive network of 47 branches across Japan, the center's influence and expertise have now extended to the Philippines, with three thriving branches established in the country.

The official signing ceremony, a testament to the power of collaboration, was graced by esteemed individuals who played a pivotal role in making this partnership a reality. Among the notable attendees were Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco Jr., the visionary President of Manila Central University, whose leadership has driven the institution to new heights. Joining him were key figures such as Ms. Grace Belleza D. Alcala, Director of Student Affairs and Services; Ms. Mary Grace C. Antioquia, the Head of External Affairs; Mr. Moreto P. Valiao III, a dedicated Career Planning Officer; and Dr. Kyle Joseph P. Matutina, a distinguished faculty member from the College of Optometry.

Shinagawa Lasik Center's rich legacy of innovation and excellence aligns seamlessly with Manila Central University's commitment to providing cutting-edge education and transformative experiences to its students. This partnership promises a plethora of exciting opportunities, from enriching academic collaborations to pioneering research initiatives, all geared towards shaping the future of LASIK surgery and Aesthetics medicine.

As Manila Central University and Shinagawa Lasik Center embark on this remarkable journey together, the echoes of this collaboration are set to reverberate across borders, shaping the landscape of healthcare and education in the Philippines and beyond.