MCU Celebrates Academic Milestones: Kindergarten Moving Up, Grade School, and Junior High School Recognition Day

July 20, 2023, marked a momentous day at MCU-Basic Education Department as the institution celebrated its Kindergarten moving up ceremony, Grade School recognition day, and Junior High School recognition day, all under the theme "K to 12 Graduates: Molded through a Resilient Education Foundation." Each event was filled with heartwarming highlights that showcased the dedication, achievements, and gratitude of the students, parents, and educators.

Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony

The kindergarten moving up ceremony kicked off with a heartfelt opening prayer by Arianna Hayley G. Dacalcap, a young and earnest Kindergarten 1 pupil. Dr. Renato C. Tanhoco Jr., the esteemed University President, delivered an inspiring message, setting the tone for the joyous event. The adorable Kindergarten graduates were presented and confirmed by Ms. Maria Eloisa C. Reyes, the principal, and Dr. Eivin B. Tolentino, the university registrar. This was followed by the distribution of certificates to the proud young achievers by Ms. Maria Eloisa C. Reyes, Dr. Angelo C. Maduli (Vice President, Academic), and Ms. Giandelu Carissa E. Santos (Academic Affairs Director). Emotions ran high as Rafaela Denise R. Fernanded delivered a touching tribute message, and a heartwarming video expressed gratitude to parents. The kindergarten students' moving up song filled the hearts of everyone present with hope and excitement for their bright future.

Grade School Recognition Day

The Grade School recognition day commenced with a beautiful opening prayer by Jakub Markus S. Ramos, a Grade 1 student with high honors. Dr. Angelo C. Maduli, in his welcome remarks, celebrated the resilience and growth of the Grade School graduates. The deserving students were awarded medals and certificates by Ms. Maria Eloisa C. Reyes, Dr. Angelo C. Maduli, and Ms. Giandelu Carissa E. Santos. Lorenzo T. Pingul III, a bright Grade 5 student with the highest honors, paid a touching tribute to parents, recognizing their unwavering support throughout their academic journey. The event was a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students, as well as the guidance and commitment of their educators.

Junior High School Recognition Day

The Junior High School recognition day began with Maxine Vaiola L. Galang's eloquent opening prayer, representing Grade 9 with high honors. Dr. Angelo C. Maduli delivered another inspiring welcome remark, reflecting on the students' transformative journey through Junior High School. The moment of recognition and celebration arrived as the students received their well-deserved medals and certificates from Ms. Maria Eloisa C. Reyes, Dr. Angelo C. Maduli, and Ms. Giandelu Carissa E. Santos. Lei Anne D. Gabotero, another remarkable student with high honors, expressed a heartfelt tribute to parents, acknowledging their unwavering support and love. The event was a poignant tribute to the resilience and determination of the Junior High School graduates as they prepare to face the challenges of senior high school.

As the ceremonies concluded, the MCU-Basic Education Department community gathered to sing the meaningful "Dalit ng MCU" hymn, symbolizing unity, excellence, and gratitude. The event celebrated their achievements and recognized the vital support of parents and educators in shaping their remarkable journeys.