Grade 6 Graduation and Grade 10 Moving Up Ceremony Mark New Beginnings

Education is a journey that shapes young minds, preparing them for the challenges that lie ahead. On July 21, 2023, MCU-Basic Education Department held its much-awaited Grade 6 graduation and Grade 10 moving up ceremony, celebrating the achievements of its K to 12 graduates who have been molded through a resilient education foundation.

The Grade 6 graduation ceremony commenced with the inspiring University President's Message delivered by Dr. Renato C. Tanhoco Jr. He emphasized the significance of resilience in the face of adversity and encouraged the young graduates to embrace every obstacle as an opportunity for growth.

One of the memorable moments during the ceremony was the Word of Gratitude delivered by Caleb John C. Zarza, a student who received the highest honor award. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to the teachers, parents, and the entire MCU community for their unwavering support and dedication throughout their academic journey.

In recognition of the parents' invaluable role in their children's success, a touching tribute video was presented. The video showcased heartwarming messages from the graduates, expressing their love and gratitude to their parents for their sacrifices and encouragement.

The Grade 10 moving up ceremony was equally filled with pride and excitement as the students took the next step in their educational voyage. Dr. Renato C. Tanhoco Jr. once again graced the event with his motivating University President's Message, imparting wisdom to the young completers as they prepare for the challenges of senior high school.

Ms. Maria Eloisa C. Reyes, the principal, proudly presented the completers, recognizing their hard work and perseverance throughout their junior high school years. Following this, outstanding students were awarded medals and certificates for their academic excellence and outstanding performance in specific disciplines. Special recognition was also given to students who showcased exceptional talents, leadership, and dedication to various aspects of school life. Ms. Maria Eloisa C. Reyes, Ms. Giandelu Carissa E. Santos, and Dr. Angelo C. Maduli commended these students for their contributions to the MCU community.

In the Grade 10 ceremony, Mary Angeline D. Policarpio's moving up address stirred hope, while Lebron John V. Jimenez paid a heartfelt tribute to parents, and John Gabriel T. Almocera led the Pledge of Loyalty. Both ceremonies culminated with the unity-inspiring Dalit ng MCU hymn, leaving everyone inspired and looking forward to the bright future that awaits the resilient graduates.