A Day of Triumph: Grade 11 Recognition Day

Manila Central University was a beacon of pride and joy as it hosted the Grade 11 Recognition Day on a bright Wednesday morning, July 26, 2023. The much-anticipated event gathered students, teachers, and parents to honor the exceptional achievements and unwavering determination of the Grade 11 scholars.

The event's highlights also included an inspiring message from Dr. Angelo C. Maduli, Vice President, Academic, who emphasized the transformative power of education. His wisdom and encouragement left a lasting impact on the young minds, inspiring them to embrace learning as a lifelong journey.

As the ceremony ended, Ms. Maria Eloisa C. Reyes, Principal of MCU-Basic Education Department, addressed the gathering with pride and admiration. Her closing remarks were filled with heartfelt congratulations to the honorees, as she encouraged them to continue making positive contributions to society.

Throughout the day, the campus was adorned with festive decorations, reflecting the vibrant atmosphere of celebration and triumph. Students and parents cheered with pride, celebrating the accomplishments and hard work of the recognized students.

As the recognition ceremony concluded, it marked the beginning of an exciting chapter for the distinguished students. Armed with determination and accolades, they are poised to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, with the support of the university’s nurturing educational environment.