Exploring the Wild: Kindergarten recital takes you into the jungle!

The highly anticipated Kindergarten Recital into the Jungle was held last May 26, 2023, at the esteemed HeliX Auditorium, where an atmosphere of excitement and joy permeated the venue. It showcased the remarkable talents of the little Centralinos, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance!

The highlight of the recital was the captivating performances by the young students, who displayed their vibrant personalities through graceful dance moves and delightful vocal renditions. Their expressive movements and melodious voices breathed life into stories, captivating the audience with their engaging presence and rhythmic charm.

Manila Central University extends its sincere appreciation to the parents, family members, and friends whose unwavering support and active presence filled the auditorium with love and cheers. Their invaluable contributions made the event memorable, creating a nurturing and encouraging environment for the young performers to shine.