Kristine Joy Macaraeg Ranks 10 in the May 2023 PNLE

Manila Central University (MCU) is thrilled to extend its warmest congratulations to the remarkable Centralino nursing graduates who have successfully passed the May 2023 Philippine Nurse Licensure Examination.

Among the cohort of successful examinees, one outstanding Centralino has truly shone brightly. Ms. Kristine Joy Macaraeg, RN, has made the entire MCU community proud by securing a spot in the prestigious Top 10 ranking with a remarkable rating of 89.60%.

Once again, congratulations to Ms. Kristine Joy Macaraeg, RN, for her exceptional achievement, and congratulations to all the Newly Registered Centralino Nurses. The MCU community celebrates your success and wishes you a bright and fulfilling future as you continue to make a difference in the noble field of nursing.

The following Centralinos successfully passed the examinations: