I always keep in mind "All for the best para if worse comes to worst pasado ako." I remember going to college undecided, not knowing what to take. I enrolled at MCU already in the 2nd week of class. I didn't even know what Physical Therapy is, all I just want is a medical-related course. 5 years isn't easy more so the course I took but lo and behold I finished the race, though I failed to get Latin honors, CPT has prepared me for something better.

MCU-CPT taught me that the best things won't come easy and hard work pays off. Should I be granted the Latin honors, I will be complacent that I can pass the Philippine Physical therapy Licensure Examination and things might have turned out differently. Not getting Latin honors has reminded me that there's always someone better than me, but MCU-CPT provided me with the ideal atmosphere where I can thrive and make it to the top.

The lessons I've learned in MCU did not just carry me through the board exam but over and beyond it. The leadership skills, exposure to various experiences, and also of those who served as my examples, and mentors - my professors have fostered and guided me through my practice and now as the Supervisor of the National Children's Hospital PT section.

Ric Jason Javier
Physical Therapy, Class 2015