MCU and ILCDB-DICT Collaborate to Take a Giant Leap Toward Promoting Digital Literacy and Competency

In a meeting held last March 27, 2023, representatives from the Manila Central University (MCU) and the ICT Literacy and Competency Development Bureau (ILCDB) of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) discussed future collaborations and initiatives to enhance digital skills and knowledge in our institution. The meeting was an opportunity for both parties to recognize the importance of developing digital skills and competency and to explore ways to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application in ICT.

MCU shared its commitment to empowering its students and faculty by providing them with the necessary ICT tools and resources to excel in their respective fields. The university understands the significance of digital skills today and recognizes the need to integrate technology into its curriculum to produce highly competitive graduates. MCU has been offering ICT-related courses and training to its students, but it aims to enhance its programs further by collaborating with ILCDB-DICT.

On the other hand, the ILCDB-DICT expressed its enthusiasm for partnering with MCU in implementing programs that bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application in the field of ICT.

ILCDB-DICT recognizes MCU's efforts in promoting digital literacy and competency and believes that collaboration between the two institutions would further develop the digital skills and knowledge of MCU's students and faculty. The partnership would create opportunities for students to engage in practical experiences, develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and equip them with the necessary competencies to succeed in their future careers.

In conclusion, the collaboration between MCU and ILCDB-DICT was a step towards enhancing digital skills and competency in the institution. The partnership would benefit the students and faculty of MCU and contribute to the development of the digital workforce in our society. The meeting held on March 27, 2023, was an excellent opportunity for both parties to explore ways to work together toward a common goal of enhancing digital skills and knowledge.