MCU Reaches New Heights with Asalus Corporation - Intellicare Partnership

Manila Central University (MCU) has announced a new partnership with Asalus Corporation – Intellicare, a renowned provider of healthcare benefits and services in the Philippines. This collaboration marked a significant milestone for MCU, as it demonstrated the institution's unwavering commitment to providing its students and alumni with the best educational and career development opportunities.

MCU's cooperation with Asalus Corporation - Intellicare promises to provide its community with more career-enhancing opportunities and resources than ever before. This new partnership was expected to benefit students and alumni of MCU by offering them a more comprehensive range of career development programs, which will help them gain valuable skills and experience necessary for career advancement.

With this collaboration in place, MCU is confident that it will offer its students and alumni a better chance of success in their chosen careers. This partnership marks an exciting new chapter in MCU's ongoing efforts to foster a supportive and thriving community of learners and professionals.

MCU and Asalus Corporation - Intellicare will continue to work closely to ensure this partnership's success. MCU is committed to keeping its community updated on the latest developments. It looks forward to seeing this partnership's positive impact on its students and alumni.