MCU-College of Dentistry Celebrates 94 Years of Excellence in Dental Education and Patient Care

Manila Central University-College of Dentistry (COD) celebrated its 94th Founding Anniversary on February 22 and 23, 2023, with a two-day event centered around the theme "Transformative Learning: Keys to a Successful Treatment Outcome” which reflected the institution's commitment to providing students with learning opportunities that allow them to become competent oral health professionals.

The event brought together students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals to discuss the latest developments in dentistry and share insights on how to achieve successful treatment outcomes through transformative learning.

The celebration was kicked-off with a welcome message from Dr. Ma. Cristina Aurea G. Garcia, Dean of the College of Dentistry highlighting the nine decades of training young men and women to become competent oral health professionals imbued with Centralino values and character that contributed to a healthier and happier local and international community.

Dr. Garcia stated: “With this year's Anniversary Theme: Transformative Learning: Keys to A successful Treatment Outcome", is Reflective of how MCU College of Dentistry strives in our commitment to provide and nurture our students with learning opportunities and experiences that will enable them to succeed in providing conscientious quality oral health care as they thrive in a different environment and in whatever discipline or field of specialization in Dentistry or oral health science.”

Furthermore, the University President expressed confidence in the College's leadership and faculty and their ability to help students gain a broader perspective of the Dental Medicine profession and the latest treatment techniques through up-to-date research and cases.

“As we rise above and overcome the recent national health emergency, we are more than challenged as an institution to adopt a responsive approach which is summed up by the theme "Transformative Learning: Keys to a Successful Treatment Outcome." The theme calls for a "deep, constructive and meaningful learning that goes beyond simple knowledge acquisition." With the "distortions" in almost all aspects of one's life because of the pandemic, our previously held beliefs, feelings, and paradigms were challenged,” said University President, Mrs. Luningning T. Estanislao.

The Manila Central University-College of Dentistry recognized that dentistry was not just about treating oral health problems but also about caring for patients who may be going through physical and emotional pain. The College's Vice President for Academic, Dr. Angelo C. Maduli, stressed the importance of bringing dignity to the profession by treating patients with sympathy, compassion, and kindness.

“We need to bring back sympathy, compassion, and kindness. The moment we lose that thing, your profession will only remain a work to be done. Let's bring dignity to our profession.” said Dr. Angelo C. Maduli, Vice President for Academic in his inspirational messages.

Throughout the two-day event, attendees were treated to a series of talks and presentations by experts in the field of dentistry, including Dr. Cheryl Y. Del Rosario, the President of the Philippine Dental Association, who gave a keynote address on the importance of continuous learning in dentistry and how it can lead to better patient outcomes.  Dr. Del Rosario also shared her love story with dentistry, inspiring the attendees to pursue their passion for the field. Moreover, Dr. Edwina J. Go, emphasized “The Omnibus Guidelines per Life Stage” which covered a comprehensive guide that provides a roadmap for individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being throughout their lives. Dr. Go’s message reflected her passion for promoting health and wellness in the Philippines.

The event's closing remarks were delivered by Dr. Filipina B. Ng, the Chair of the 94th Founding Anniversary, who thanked the attendees for their participation and support. The celebration was a testament to the College's success in producing outstanding oral health professionals who contributed to the advancement of the field of dentistry.

As the Manila Central University-College of Dentistry looks towards the future, it is committed to continuing its tradition of excellence in dental education and research. With a focus on transformative learning and a dedication to caring for patients with dignity and compassion, the College will continue to produce competent oral health professionals who make a difference in the lives of their patients and the dental profession.