Celebrating Achievements at the Grand Alumni Homecoming

The Manila Central University (MCU) Centennial Gymnasium came alive on December 7, 2023, as the Grand Alumni Homecoming started in a vibrant celebration of nostalgia, achievement, and unity. This memorable evening was about reveling in the past and acknowledging the shared journey and accomplishments of the MCU community. Alumni spanning generations got together in a heartfelt reunion, embodying the timeless connections and the spirit of camaraderie that are the hallmarks of MCU's legacy. It was an opportunity to reconnect, share stories, and celebrate the diverse paths taken by its members since their days within the university's halls.

This gathering also served as a platform to highlight the remarkable contributions of MCU alumni across various sectors. Recognizing the exceptional accomplishments made by its graduates in fields such as healthcare, arts, sciences, and business, the event enhanced the profound impact of MCU’s education on both individual lives and society at large.

This event reaffirmed the strong sense of belonging among its members, reinforcing the notion that while one may leave MCU, the essence of being part of this distinguished community remains forever ingrained.