MCU and AUHS Spark Potential Partnership

On October 13, 2023, a productive meeting between Manila Central University President Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr., and Pastor Gregory Johnson, Founder of American University of Health Sciences took place. Joined by esteemed faculty from both institutions, the discussions explored fertile ground for academic collaboration.

The potential blossomed in various avenues, including joint research endeavors tackling healthcare challenges, student exchange programs fostering cultural understanding, faculty exchange initiatives enriching knowledge sharing, and even the development of innovative degree programs.

his productive meeting concluded with a shared commitment to nurture this collaboration. Both universities pledged continued talks, eager to translate exciting possibilities into concrete plans for the near future. This promising partnership holds immense potential to impact students, faculty, and the broader community through groundbreaking programs, research, and learning experiences. Stay tuned for updates as this collaboration unfolds and witness the fruits of this insightful meeting blossom into reality.