MCU's World Mental Health Day Celebration

In a commitment to prioritize mental health, Manila Central University (MCU) hosted a seminar and awarding ceremony at the Helix Auditorium on October 20, 2023, in celebration of World Mental Health Day. The seminar, titled "Mental Health as a Universal Human Right," was led by Mr. Lordy Angelo C. Santos, MA, RPsy, RPSy, also known as Tito Mong Psychologist.

Mr. Santos' engaging talk delved into the critical importance of mental well-being and the essential practices for self-care. He underscored the idea that mental health is on par with physical health, emphasizing that every individual holds the right to lead a mentally healthy life. Santos further imparted practical tips on stress management, building resilience, and navigating challenging emotions.

Following the insightful seminar, MCU conducted an awarding ceremony to recognize the commendable efforts of individuals and organizations contributing significantly to the promotion of mental health awareness and support. The awardees were acknowledged for their dedication and impactful work in this crucial area.

As MCU continues to champion mental health awareness, these events serve as catalysts for open conversations, support, and understanding, creating an environment that acknowledges and addresses the multifaceted aspects of mental well-being.