Katilingban 2023: MCU-COD Unites for a General Assembly

On September 22, 2023, MCU-COD showcased its unity at the COD General Assembly. The event's primary objective was to celebrate the diverse personalities of its students and the camaraderie they share. Each year level proudly represented itself through designated colors, adding vibrant hues to the occasion.

Distinguished speakers graced the event with their insights and words of wisdom. Erica Monte began with an invocation, setting the tone for the day. Ms. Giandelu Carissa Santos, the Academic Affairs Director, delivered a warm welcome address. President Dr. Renato Tanchoco Jr. delivered an inspirational message, emphasizing the significance of unity and shared goals. Dean Dr. Cristina Aurea Garcia provided insights into the DMD Program and Team Dentistry. Further messages from Dean Dr. Ramil V. Flores and other respected speakers, including Dr. Maria Leah Ragadio, Dr. Jaime F. Mandapat, Dr. Johnah C. Galicia, Dr. Maria Alicia Camacho, and Dr. Richa C. Marcos, added depth and inspiration to the event.

In addition to the engaging speeches, the assembly featured captivating performances. Jerahmeel Tarantan took the stage, followed by the extraordinary BLK 216, featuring Justine Lituan, Jerahmeel Tarantan, Erika Monte, Akiko Dayapan, and Alyanna Pagcaliwagan. Their talents added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Percival Garcia, inspired attendees with his words of wisdom, setting a tone of motivation and ambition for the day. Additionally, JASSO Scholars had the opportunity to share their invaluable experiences from participating in the exchange student program in Japan, providing insights into the benefits of international exposure and academic exchange. These contributions added depth and diversity to the event, further enriching the attendees' experiences.

The success of the assembly was made possible by the generous support of sponsors, including Sawadee Khap, Frontier, MedSurge Dental, Denpres Dental Depot, Orahex, and Amarijje. Their contributions ensured that the event ran smoothly and left a lasting impression.

Behind the scenes, the MCU-DSC, led by President Justine Dave Mendoza, played a pivotal role in organizing and executing this remarkable event, solidifying the sense of unity and community within the MCU-COD.