MCU Joins the CHINA-ASEAN Higher Nursing Education League

On August 30, 2023, Manila Central University (MCU) achieved a significant milestone by participating in the CHINA-ASEAN Higher Nursing Education League Conference. This landmark event marks MCU as the first Philippine university to become a member of this esteemed league, highlighting our commitment to advancing nursing education in the country.

The China ASEAN Higher Nursing Education League (CANHEL) is about nurturing top-notch nursing talents, improving nursing education, and advancing nursing disciplines. Through cooperation and knowledge sharing, we're embarking on a path to build a more promising future for education, sustainable development, and achieving excellence. CANHEL itself was initiated by the collaborative efforts of Zunyi Medical University and Tung Wah College in March 2023, demonstrating the collective dedication to improving nursing education on a broader scale.

In joining the CHINA-ASEAN Higher Nursing Education League and aligning with CANHEL's mission, MCU is not only making history but also actively contributing to the enhancement of nursing education and the shaping of a brighter future for the Philippines and the ASEAN region.