Centralinos Are Back: Campus Comes Alive!

Centralinos have made their return to campus, stepping into a new academic year filled with promise and excitement. This year's back-to-school welcome is nothing short of remarkable, with every college and program on campus coming together to ensure a memorable start.

Each college and program have gone the extra mile, creating inviting welcome booths that have transformed the campus into a bustling center of activity. These booths serve as warm invitations for students to explore unique opportunities and experiences within their academic homes, filled with games, treats, and activities embodying campus life.

As students gear up for another year, they can do so confidently, knowing their return is met with open arms and a wealth of experiences, promising discovery, personal growth, and the chance to shine even brighter on their academic journey.

Welcome back, Centralinos, to a year filled with promise, growth, and the opportunity to shine even brighter!