MCU-CPT's Jason Galauran Secures 2nd place at World Classic Championship 2023

In the realm where raw strength converges with unwavering determination, exceptional athletes emerge as shining stars. Among them is Mark Jason Galauran, a formidable talent hailing from the MCU-College of Physical Therapy (MCU-CPT). Mark recently showcased his remarkable powerlifting skills at the 2023 IPF World Classic Equipped Sub-Junior & Junior Powerlifting Championships, held in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

Representing the Philippines on the international stage, Mark's performance in the fiercely competitive U83kg junior athlete category was nothing short of extraordinary. In the company of some of the world's finest young powerlifters, Mark's achievement not only brings immense pride to MCU but also firmly establishes the Philippines on the international powerlifting map.

Mark's journey is a compelling narrative of resilience, dedication, and unyielding spirit. It stands as a beacon of inspiration not only for the MCU community but also for aspiring athletes nationwide. His triumph underscores the belief that with unwavering commitment, rigorous training, and a heart full of determination, one can ascend to greatness on the global stage.

The entire MCU family extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mark Jason Galauran. His remarkable achievement serves as a testament to MCU's commitment to nurturing world-class talent and fostering an environment where dreams are not only pursued but achieved on the grandest of stages. Mark's journey is a powerful reminder that true excellence knows no boundaries and that MCU continues to shine as a breeding ground for outstanding athletes who make their mark on the world.