Empowering Leaders: MCU's NSTP Graduation Highlights Community Growth

MCU's first-year students marked the culmination of their National Service Training Program (NSTP) with a graduation ceremony on July 26, 2023. The event, themed "Empowering Leaders, Building Community Learners," aimed to foster strong leaders capable of driving positive change within their communities, while also encouraging a collaborative environment for shared learning and growth.

In his remarks, Dr. Angel C. Maduli, Vice President for academic affairs at MCU, welcomed everyone. The devoted NSTP organizer, Mrs. Merly J. Robledo, handled the presentation of graduates.

Subsequently, Mr. Julius Ceasar G. Asistin, the Head of NSTP, delivered an affirming and inspirational message. Offering a broader perspective, Mr. Lemuel L. Tolosa, Ecosystems Management Specialist II from DENR, was the chosen graduation speaker, providing insights that broadened graduates' understanding of their potential roles in the larger ecological and societal context.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Dr. Eivin B. Tolentino, MCU's University Registrar, who reminded attendees of the graduates' journey ahead and their pivotal roles as agents of positive change within their communities

MCU's NSTP graduation ceremony not only honored student achievements but also underscored the significance of cultivating community-focused leaders for the betterment of society.