MCU-College of Medicine Celebrates Department of Physiology's Faculty Staffs' Remarkable Achievements

The MCU-College of Medicine is beaming with pride as it announces the outstanding accomplishments of the Department of Physiology and its esteemed faculty members. The college extends its warmest congratulations to Dr. Anna Karenina V. Causapin for her recent appointment as the President of the Philippine Society of Physiologists, Inc. (PSP). This prestigious recognition is a testament to her expertise and unwavering dedication to the field of physiology. Dr. Causapin's leadership and contributions to advancing the understanding of physiological sciences are commendable, and the MCU-College of Medicine is confident that under her guidance, the PSP will continue to soar to new heights.

The celebration of success continues as the college also congratulates Ma. Geraldine Ramos, M.D., FPOGS, FPSUOG, FPSP, Marivic M. Esguerra, M.D., Ulga Luisa V. Casiño, M.D., and John Kenneth C. Ramos, M.D. for passing the rigorous PSP Fellowship Examination and being conferred as Fellows of the Philippine Society of Physiologists, Inc. (PSP). This distinction reflects their exceptional understanding and knowledge in the field of physiology, as well as their unwavering commitment to elevating the quality of medical practice in the Philippines.

Beyond these accolades, the MCU-College of Medicine proudly celebrates the successful graduation of two esteemed faculty members. Dr. Felices Emerita P. Perez has completed her Master of Arts in Health Policy Studies (MAHPSS), further enhancing her expertise in health policy and administration. Dr. Perez's pursuit of advanced education reflects her passion for creating meaningful changes in the healthcare landscape.

Likewise, Dr. Ma. Geraldine Ramos graduated with a master's degree in health Professions Education (MHPED). This accomplishment demonstrates her commitment to advancing medical education and her dedication to improving teaching practices within the healthcare community. Dr. Ramos' pursuit of excellence in medical education is set to inspire and empower future generations of medical professionals.

The MCU-College of Medicine commends the Department of Physiology and its faculty members for their exceptional achievements and significant contributions to the advancement of medical science. Their relentless dedication to research, education, and leadership serves as an inspiration to the entire academic community and reinforces MCU's unwavering commitment to excellence in medical education. Through their remarkable achievements, they exemplify the core values that MCU stands for – excellence, innovation, and compassion in healthcare. As the institution continues to shape the next generation of medical professionals, the accomplishments of these faculty members provide a beacon of hope for the bright future of medical education and practice in the Philippines.