MCU-College of Medicine Celebrates Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Rites

On the momentous morning of July 17, 2023, the MCU-College of Medicine was alive with anticipation as it prepared to celebrate two significant events: the Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Rites, held at the magnificent MCU Centennial Gymnasium. The day began with a solemn and spiritually enriching Eucharistic celebration, presided over by the distinguished Rev. Fr. Kennedy A. Neral, PhD. With the scent of incense lingering in the air, the graduates felt a sense of profound significance and blessings as they prepared to embark on their journey in the noble medical profession. Dr. Anna Karenina V. Causapin, the Associate Dean for Academics, served as the baccalaureate Mass commentator, offering insightful reflections that added to the spiritual essence of the Mass.

Following the soul-nourishing Baccalaureate Mass, the atmosphere at the MCU Centennial Gymnasium brimmed with excitement and pride as the Recognition Rites commenced. Dr. Maria Lilybeth R. Tanchoco, with her welcoming remarks, set a positive and encouraging tone for the event, commending the graduates for their unwavering dedication and hard work throughout their academic journey. Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr., then took the stage, delivering an inspirational message that resonated deeply with the graduates, motivating and inspiring them as they prepared to embrace their roles as future medical professionals.

Guiding the event with grace and finesse, Dr. Anamarie S. Manangan, the Master of Ceremonies for the Recognition Rites, ensured that each graduate's achievements were commemorated with utmost dignity and honor. As each name was called, the applause echoed throughout the hall, celebrating the accomplishments of the aspiring doctors who have persevered through rigorous training and education.

The Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Rites at MCU-College of Medicine were not only moments of pride and celebration for the graduates but also opportunities for reflection and gratitude for their families and the entire MCU community. The memories created on this special day will forever hold a place in their hearts as they embark on a journey dedicated to making a positive impact on the medical profession and the lives of countless individuals in need. As these bright minds prepare to step into the world of medicine, they do so with the unwavering support of their alma mater, MCU-College of Medicine, and the hope that their future endeavors will bring healing, compassion, and a legacy of excellence.