MCU-College of Medicine's 75th Commencement Celebrates the Journey of the Class of 2023

In a momentous celebration of academic achievement and dedication to the medical profession, the MCU-College of Medicine held its 75th Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2023. The event, which took place on July 18, 2023, at the prestigious Jose Rizal Hall in the Philippines International Convention Center (PICC), was filled with pride and excitement as proud parents and family members gathered to support their graduating students.

The ceremony commenced with a grand processional, where the MCU Junior High School guards led the way, setting the stage for a remarkable event. An invocation seeking blessings for the graduates set a tone of gratitude and reflection as the aspiring medical professionals prepared to embark on their promising careers.

The Academic Affairs Director, Ms. Giandelu Carissa E. Santos, took the stage and introduced the esteemed dean and faculty members, acknowledging their significant contributions in shaping the students' journey throughout their medical education. With immense pride, the Dean of the College of Medicine, Maria Lilybeth R. Tanchoco, M.D., took the spotlight and presented the candidates for graduation, a moment that marked the culmination of years of hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

One of the highlights of the commencement was the valedictory address delivered by Raphael Jose B. Silva, who graduated cum laude. In his heartfelt speech, Raphael shared his personal journey at Manila Central University, reflecting on the challenges posed by the pandemic and how the graduating class overcame obstacles, emerging stronger and prouder. 

Renato C. Tanchoco, Jr. M.D., the University President, conferred the medical degrees upon the graduates, officially marking the transition from students to medical professionals. Mrs. Luningning T. Estanislao, the Chairman of the Board, also conveyed her message of encouragement and well-wishes to the new doctors as they embark on their professional careers. The ceremony featured a keynote address by Jose Manuel I. Diokno, ESQ., who shared his own inspiring story and offered heartfelt congratulations to the graduates. 

An investiture and hooding ceremony symbolized the graduates' official entry into the medical profession. The graduates were called one by one to receive their diplomas, followed by the Oath of Membership, a solemn commitment to uphold the principles and ethics of their chosen professionThe ceremony's conclusion was marked by a closing prayer, expressing gratitude for the graduates' remarkable achievements and seeking divine blessings for their future endeavors as they prepare to serve humanity with newfound medical knowledge and unwavering dedication.

As the new doctors walked across the stage, they carried with them the hopes and aspirations of their loved ones and the responsibility to make a positive impact on the lives of their future patients. The 75th Commencement Exercises represented not only an end to their academic journey but also the beginning of an exciting new chapter filled with opportunities to heal, care, and contribute to society.