MCU-College of Optometry Receives Commendation for Commitment to Excellence in Optometry Education

The MCU-College of Optometry (COO) received commendation for its commitment to delivering comprehensive and high-quality optometry education. The Professional Regulatory Board of Optometry conducted an inspection on June 9, 2023, which affirmed the COO's dedication to providing excellent educational standards in the field of optometry.

The COO's pursuit of excellence was evident through its esteemed faculty members who brought expertise and experience to the teaching process. The college employed innovative instructional methods and actively engaged in research to ensure that students received the latest knowledge and skills in the field. State-of-the-art facilities and specialized clinics further contributed to the comprehensive learning environment provided by the COO.

In addition to maintaining high educational standards, the COO also recognized the importance of fostering local and international partnerships. These collaborations enhanced the educational experience by exposing students to diverse perspectives, global best practices, and emerging trends in optometry.

The MCU-COO extends its heartfelt appreciation to the members of the Professional Regulatory Board of Optometry for their crucial role in the inspection process. Led by Chairman Hon. Bernardita A. Garcia, the board includes Hon. Mario T. Flores, Jr., Hon. Irene Christine C. Peliño, Hon. Christine S. Rodriguez, and Mr. Arthur Bonto, PRC Senior Officer of the Monitoring Division. Their presence, guidance, and support have been invaluable in ensuring the quality and credibility of the optometry education provided by the MCU-College of Optometry.