From Pen to Victory: The Pharos Writers' Conquered the LIYAB 2023 Journalism Competition

Manila Central University (MCU) proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of its esteemed journalism team, The Pharos Writers, comprising students from both Junior High School and Senior High School. Their exceptional performance in the highly competitive 2023 Journalism Competition, organized by The Torch Publications, has brought immense pride to the university. 


The Journalism Competition served as a platform for aspiring student journalists to showcase their writing skills and journalistic prowess. The Pharos Writers seized this opportunity with great enthusiasm, delivering outstanding work that captivated readers and garnered accolades from the esteemed panel of judges. 


MCU extends its warmest congratulations to The Pharos Writers for their outstanding performance in the 2023 Journalism Competition! 


The following Centralinos successfully wins the Liyab 2023 Competitions: 

Junior High School: 

  • 1st Place - Features Writing (English) - Cassadra Hycinth A. Franco 


Senior High School: 

  • 1st Place (News Writing) - Arvhi Grace Morales 

  • 3rd Place (Photojournalism) - Andrea Marielle Luciano 

  • 3rd Place (Feature Writing) - Mary Stephanie Mallare 

  • 4th Place (Copyreading) - Sarah Elizabeth Sengco 

  • 5th Place (Editorial Writing) - Angel Villanueva