Brand Manifesto

We are Educators and Nurturers. We are entrusted to teach and transform learners to become dynamic and competent members of society. We equip minds with high-quality and values-based education. We guide students toward excellence, integrity, perseverance, and innovation. We take responsibility in the continuous improvement and growth of our community by nurturing talents, knowledge, skills, character, and sense of service.

We are a family. We promote trust, confidence, and growth among members of our community. We are united in success and in challenges. We speak and react with high respect towards one another. We give high regard to the respective contribution each of us brings to our community and to the world. We strive at all times to follow the precepts and teachings of our Greatest Teacher, Healer, and Creator.

We are continuing a legacy that began in 1904, that education is both knowledge and character building. Today, we persevere to make possibilities happen and opportunities open.

We are Centralinos. We are now Bigger, Bolder, Brighter.