Be a registered Physical therapist through our four-year program that focuses on advanced medical sciences, medical and surgical disabling conditions and physical therapy treatment interventions.

Our faculty have a strong and competent profiles as practitioners in different hospitals themselves. This gives our program leg up on others as they contribute their on-going industry experience to the learnings of our Centralino physical therapists making sure we give up to date and relevant knowledge and practices.

Our program has Level II status from the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation, an external body that checks the quality standards of universities. This is quality is reflected in the passing rates of our students are consistently above the national passing rate for the board exams.

Feel free to talk to us about our college of physical therapy community and be part of it by applying now.

Get others back on their feet or help them reach their physical goals. Physical therapists are movement experts that improve other’s quality of life via their treatments, patient care and prescribed exercises. A career in sports, fitness and healthcare are just some of your options after taking this program.

Possible Careers after taking the Physical Therapy program include:

  • Physical Therapist Clinician
  • A pre-med course
  • Educator
  • Administrator
  • Researcher
  • Social Advocate
  • Community-based therapist
  • Other allied industries
  • Proceeding to Medical School with this as your pre-med course

If you are already decided on this path, apply now or if you want to know more about your career options in Physical Therapy feel free to talk to us.