The best place to learn optometry, Our College of Optometry is the only Center of Excellence college in the Philippines declared by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This means the college has continued to provide and uphold its exceptional standards in the quality of teaching and its teachers, producing new knowledge in the field via research, consistently achieving high board passing rates and producing top notchers in the board exams, and growing partnerships with relevant organization both here and abroad.

Our college is consistent in producing high performing doctors of optometry who provide excellent eye and vision care for the people. Be part of our community and experience unrivaled quality in optometry.

Feel free to talk to us about our college of optometry community and be part of it by applying now.

Help someone see the world better by providing eye care and improving their vision through Optometry. The best in the country, our college of optometry has produced top notchers and titans of the industry as the only Center for Excellence college in this field. You will surely be ready to become the best optometrist you can be and launch your career in this field through our program.

Possible Careers after taking the Optometry program include:

  • Private Practitioner or Specialist
  • Practitioner employed in Vision and Eye Centers/Clinics
  • Educator
  • Administrators, Leaders or Managers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Other allied industries
  • Proceeding to Medical School with this as your pre-med course

If you are already decided on this path, do proceed to our online application or if you want to know more about your career options in Optometry feel free to talk to us.