College of Medicine

Duration4 Years

No. of Credits1st to 3rd year:
4,392 hours
4th year: 12 mos.

Start DateSeptember


LocationCaloocan, MM

Welcome to College of Medicine

Given its Level II Reaccreditation status by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), an external body that checks the quality standards of universities, the college continues to provide world-class, advanced, and safe quality education. From the traditional ways of examining the cadavers to using a high technology 3D dissection table called the Anatomage, specifically acquired to ensure the safety of students in the new normal without sacrificing the teaching and learning quality.

The university has its own hospital where all clinical clerkships are conducted. Our students will have the opportunity to experience being trained in an actual tertiary hospital before they face the real world of being a physician.

Become a Centralino doctor by applying now, or should you have any questions, feel free to chat with us.

Location & Contact Details:

Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines

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Degree Awarded

Doctor of Medicine

Benefits of Studying Doctor of Medicine

Your path to saving lives starts here; become a holistic doctor through our Doctor of Medicine program. One of the seven pioneer medical schools in the Philippines, with an extensive alumni network and full support and exposure from our own partner tertiary hospital, the College of Medicine, will make you an exceptional doctor.

Possible Careers after taking the Doctor of Medicine program

  • General Medical Practitioner
  • Physician specializing in your field of choice in medicine
  • Researcher, Medical Scientist, Inventor
  • Health Profession Medical Educator (teacher)
  • Health Administrator (Medical Director)
  • Health Information Manager
  • Other allied industries

Student Exchange Program

Clinical Electives Community Exposure For Foreign Students

Community exposure is an experience-based strategy to run for four (4) weeks, wherein students in the health professions will have an opportunity to experience the way of life in the community, engage with the people, and discover the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats encountered by the community. These will allow the student to understand better the dynamics of community life, and the realization of the different community concerns through exposure to actual life situations, specifically in the deprived, depressed, and underprivileged community of Maysilo, Malabon City, and apply knowledge and skills to benefit the partner community. Community exposure is also one way of teaching students that developing trust with their patients “requires some understanding of the social, economic, psychological and cultural issues” these people face.

Accepting applications for 2022 inbound clinical elective placements

Applications must be received at least eight (8) months before the start of your selected elective. Please read the application procedure before applying.

Community Immersion

Community Immersion is a two-week orientation under the Department of Family and Community Medicine that deals with Primary Health Care (PHC) principles, health promotion, and disease prevention. Students will participate in community diagnosis, prioritization, program planning, community organization, and social mobilization. Students (Clinical Clerks) encourage community participation, which includes participatory action research and training of barangay health workers, promoting sharing of responsibility to maintain the people's health between the Community and the Institution.

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Doctor of Medicine
AY 2022-2023

Maria Lilybeth R. Tanchoco, MD, MBAH, FPSA, DPBPM, FPSO, FPSPDean, College of Medicine

Rosalie Remedios B. Ramirez, MD, MMHA, PhD, FPSO-HNSCollege Secretary

Arthur T. Magboo, MD, PhD, MHPEd, DMD, FPSO-HNSHead, Medical Education Unit

Anna Karenina V. Causapin, MD, MHPEd, FPSP, FPPSHead, Curriculum and Instruction


Romana Donabel B. BarengPediatrics

Christine Marie C. BucadObstetrics and Gynecology // Sub-specialty: Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy

Anna Karenina V. CausapinPediatrics

Boris Jruing J. De GuzmanInternal Medicine

Janice D. De LeonFamily Medicine

Jemma Ma. Irene V. EchiverriInternal Medicine

Edornie Elizabeth V. GarciaPediatrics

Charisse P. GuerreroObstetrics and Gynecology; OB-GYN Ultrasound

Cynthia P. KapangyarihanGeneral Surgery

Edgardo C. LazaroENT HNS

Mary Ann V. LehFamily Medicine

Arthur T. MagbooENT HNS

Anamarie S. MananganPediatrics

Marissa V. NuallaObstetrics and Gynecology OB-GYN Ultrasound

Erwin D. PalisocOphthalmology Subspecialty: Neuro-Ophthalmology; Cataract & Refractive Surgery

Dante Noel P. PerezOphthalmology

Maria Leonora B. RabocFamily Medicine

Rosalie Remedios B. RamirezOtolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery

Ma. Geraldine R. RamosObstetrics and Gynecology and OB GYN Ultrasound

Marie Clare V. RoblesPediatrics

Evelyn Sta. CruzPediatric Neurology

Maria Lilybeth R. TanchocoAnesthesiology,Pain Medicine

Gary Genedel J. UsonInternal Medicine

Ruth T. VillanuevaNeurology and Psychiatry


Marie Lucille A. AnicietePediatrics

Suzuette S. ArminFamily Medicine

Celeste A. AsiloPediatrics

Eric Sherwin T. BasuilRehabilitation Medicine

Maria Imelda B. BatarPsychiatry

John Paul A. BenitezAnesthesia

Rosalinda Cosmas R. BenitezPathology

April Grace D. BerbosoPediatrics

Ma. Rosario E. BonaguaFamily Medicine

Jane Eflyn L. BunyiFamily Medicine

Judith G. CabanelaObstetrics and Gynecology Oncology

Cathleen Camille N. CabreraOphthalmology

Merlina L. CabreraAnesthesia, Pain Medicine

Lily Ann H. CabulingFamily Medicine

Katherine B. CamusPsychiatry

Bea Barbara C. CarrascalInternal Medicine

Ulga Luisa V. CasiñoAnaesthesiology

Emmanuel Tadeus S. CruzENT HNS

Hecil A. CruzPsychiatry

Rodney M. Del RioUrology

Rowell Anthony B. Dela CruzOphthalmology

Dwight Joseph A. DomingoInternal Medicine

Francine Beatriz Lu EchiverriInternal Medicine

Marivic M. EsguerraPediatric Cardiology

Rafael Angelo S. FernandezThoracic and Vascular Surgery

Jiffy Jones R. GarciaPediatrics

Norman S. GarciaGeneral Surgery

Dominador, III A. GarduñoENT-HNS

Catherine G. GironellaGeneral Pediatrician

Fatima Cherry A. GomezNone-General Practitioner

Michael B. GuerreroGeneral Surgery

Nellie D. GundaoPediatrics

Cesar B. IsidroGeneral Surgery

Carolina Caryl J. JaviniarInternal Medicine

Richard C. JordiasObstetrics and Gynecology Maternal and Fetal

Aubhugn T. LabianoOphthalmology

Esmarliza T. LuzonOB GYN Venereology

Ma. Luisa L. MalabananPediatrics

Andrea Kristina G. MalvarRehabilitation Medicine

Josefina B. MarbellaRadiology

Sarie C. MarcialOphthalmology

Alvin G. MarianoPediatrics

Cecille P. MataNeurology

Jerome B. MondalaRadiology

Niño Carlo M. NaidasOphthalmology

Nepthalie R. OrdoñezPediatrics

Mirasol Q. PahutanRadiology

Minnette A. PanganibanOphthalmology

Herbert G. PascualPathology

Ildefonso V. Peczon, Jr.Ophthalmology

Keithley Bryan A. PerezENT Head and Neck Surgery

Carlo Gene M. PoaRehabilitation Medicine

Benjamin Jose C. QuitoInternal Medicine

Maremel C. QuitoObstetrics and Gynecology

John Kenneth C. RamosPediatrician

Arthur Dessi E. RomanInternal Medicine, Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine

Maria Jorquiza S. SalvadorInternal Medicine

Marjorie I. SantosObstetrics and Gynecology

Dindohope B. SerranoGeneral Surgery

Annabelle M. SinlaoAnesthesiology

Estela Marie C. TanchocoClinical Pathology

Elizar C. TaplacSurgical Endoscopy, Minimally Invasive Surgery

Valerie Anne T. TesoroPathology

Janette S. TolentinoClinical Pathology

Monica Y. TolentinoAnatomic Pathology

Enrico E. TuyInternal Medicine

Emmanuel P. UnayGeneral Surgery

Grace V. VillanuevaFamily Medicine

Manuel Leon F. VillanuevaPediatrics

Why Manila Central University?

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Centralinos!

  • Multiple and Flexible Learning Modalities topped with ideal class size for better learning.
  • Child-Friendly Environment with Open and Green Learning Spaces.
  • State of the Art Facility- Fully equipped learning spaces/places. Continuous Innovation is at the heart of MCU.
  • Efficient Student Care Program. Established Learner Support Program- Homeroom Consultation for Parents and Students, Student Activities and on various skills and interests, such as play and socialization activities, Wellness and Mental Health programs, students' immersion, and experiential learning.
  • Centralino Plus Program
  • Innovative Curriculum on Outcome-Based Education Approach
  • Integrated Educational Technology- LMS, Virtual Laboratory, WorldBook elibrary
  • Secured and Safety Protocol Compliant
  • Integrated Social Learning Program-Homeroom Guidance
  • ISO Certified, Safety Approval by CHED (for some programs), CHED DOH JMC No. 2021-004 Compliant, PAASCU Accredited Level II

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We proudly welcome you to join our growing Centralino Community.

Student Organizations

Medical Student Council (MSC)

The Medical Student Council is the central coordinating body that serves as a liaison between the students, faculty, and administration. Its officers are elected by the medical students of MCU College of Medicine.  

Gabay Medisina

Gabay Medisina is a duly accredited student organization at the Manila Central University College of Medicine dedicated to developing future medical professionals with the right values and attitude toward serving the public, as well as to enhancing the delivery of healthcare and the health of the Filipino people.

Upsilon Sigma Rho

"USR is one of the longest-standing confraternities in the MCU College of Medicine and is a confraternity registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission." The organization serves as a training ground for members to become holistic doctors by means of various exposure to medical and surgical missions and relief operations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. 

Pax Romana

It aims to develop medical students who are made conscious of the cultural, religious, social, and academic undertakings demanded by their profession. Pax Romana, more than just a religious organization, has the motto “Pax Christi in Regno Christi” or “Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ.”  

Medici Omnes Duciens

Develops the social and academic awareness of a medical student. Members share common interests and views, mindful of the need for a unified and responsive organization that is representative of the aspiration of both individuals and the whole. 

Campus Facility

MCU-FDT Learning Resource Center Building
Administration Building
MCU-FDT Learning Resource Center Building
Nursing Laboratory
Nursing Skills Lab
Dentistry Lab
Centennial Gym
Basic Education Complex
Helix Auditorium
Purple Owl Complex
PGT Buidling
MCU Parking Area

The MCU Experience

Through innovative education and a culture of excellence, we have been transforming learners into future leaders since 1904. Equipped with mastery in skills and empowered with steadfast character, to contribute to and overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

Success Stories

Xenah Ann Manalang Bauza

BS Computer Science, Class 2017

Knowledge and skills work hand in hand for career progression. These are 2 key cores that MCU equipped me to be an IT Analyst in a multinational company - a role I just dreamt a few years ago. Armed with innovative education from my Computer Science degree, I feel to deliver values to the business using those diverse exposures I earned being a Centralino

Dr. Eduardo R. Peregrino Jr.

Pioneer batch, College of Physical Therapy

Among the pioneer batch of MCU – College of Physical Therapy, Manila Central University’s Dean of College of Physical Therapy, formally took his oath as the newly appointed Chairman of the Board for Physical and Occupational Therapy Board before the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) administered by its chairman, Hon. Teofilo S. Pilando, Jr., last March 9, 2022 at the Commission's Office at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

Mark Alexis Balverde

Physical Therapy
Alumni 2010

I am Mark Alexis Balverde an alumnus batch 2010 who is currently working in the United States of America as PT specifically in Pediatric and Geriatric facility. My college life was a bit rough because I am a happy go lucky type of person. I failed but I never intend to quit. After passing my Philippine licensure examination I’ve rested for a while but decided to pursue my dream here in the US last 2016...

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Ms. Dianna Marie E. Trias, RN, RPh

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (2011) and Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (2016)

For someone who has difficulties in science subjects, she continued to pursue a science related course. MCU gave her a chance to turn this weakness into strength. She is determined to improve her weakness, to be resilient and to persevere to be what she wants to become...

read more

Maria Salvacion D. Panlilio,RPh

College of Pharmacy, batch 1987

During her college days, she has been very consistent and one of the top performing students in her class. Likewise, she also excels in co-curricular activities and participated in many worthwhile activities sponsored by the College of Pharmacy and other schools of Pharmacy in the Philippines...

read more

Ric Jason Javier

Physical Therapy, Class 2015

I always keep in mind to "Ail for the best para if worse comes to worst pasado ako." I remember going to college undecided, not knowing what to take. I enrolled at MCU already on the 2nd week of class. I didn't even know what Physical Therapy is, all I just want is a medical related course...

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