Student Organizations

Pharmacy Student Council

The supreme body that governs the other organizations of the college, unifying the student organizations towards the achievement of their goals. It represents the values of purpose-driven leadership, academic excellence, respect for self, others and country, maintenance of value diversity, and accountability and community service.

Klubba Scientia
The science and technology-oriented organization of the college that seeks to develop in the Pharmacy students a deep appreciation for the theoretical aspects and practical applications of pharmaceutical sciences.

Federation of Junior Chapters of the Philippine Pharmacists’ Association-Delta Chapter
An organization that ensures greater participation of the college to national activities that foster closer and harmonious relationships with other pharmacy students.

Humanities Guild
An organization that aims to develop and empower the aptitude and social talents of Pharmacy students as well as their creativity and leadership skills. HG allows students to express themselves through arts and practice skills of collaboration with others.

Dental Student Council
Serves as the unified voice of the MCU dental students as well as a venue through which the students may achieve greater cooperation, unity and interaction.

Philippine Dental Student Association (MCU Chapter)
Promotes unity and cooperation among dental students of different schools and dental associations to raise the standard of dental education and practice in the Philippines.

KATUWANG (Kaagapay Tungo sa Wagas na Pagtulong)
The outreach arm of the College of Dentistry that involves students, faculty, staff and alumni volunteers in response to promote health and well-being of the less fortunate members of the community.

Junior Clinicians Organization

Senior Clinicians Organization

Biology Society
An organization of students who are interested in promoting biology as a scientific discipline that finds its application in everyday life.

Psychology Society
An organization of psychology students who promote the discipline through peer counseling, lecture-seminars, among others.

Social Science Organization
A society of students enrolled in Asian civilization that conducts academic exhibits in the campus and social sciences contests.

Humanities Guild
The organization of enthusiast in arts and letters that spearheads in the celebration of historical events.

College of Business and Technology Student Council
Serve as a unified voice of the College of Business and Technology students, represents the students and acts in accordance with the general welfare of the College, promotes the general
welfare of students in their academic and social endeavors, and helps students cope with their studies and develop skills in both theoretical and practical aspects.

Junior Philippine Computer Society – MCU Chapter
Promotes the understanding and usage of information technology, encourages the development of higher standards of computer education, provides an organization for information exchange, and prepare students for the technical, leadership and ethical challenges as a future IT professionals.

Junior Executive Management Club
Enhances the knowledge and skills of members to make them well-rounded individuals and prepare them for their entry into the business world. The organization serves as forum to develop and harness the leadership potentials of its members.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountancy
Upgrades the quality and standards of accounting students and promotes fellowship and brotherhood among accounting students in MCU and other schools.

Junior Marketing Association
Unites marketing students and develops individuals by imbibing in them professionalism and social responsibility. The organization provides members with information, dissemination and
feedback strategies.

Medical Student Council (MSC)
The Medical Student Council is the central coordinating body that serves as a liaison between the students, faculty and administration. Its officers are elected by the medical students of MCU College of Medicine.

Other student organizations under the MSC and recognized by the College of Medicine

Gabay Medisina

Aims to develop among the medical students, the proper attitude and values necessary to serve others and promote a healthcare approach that is responsive to the need of Filipinos.

Upsilon Sigma Rho

USR is one of the longest standing confraternity in the MCU College of Medicine and is the only confraternity registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission. The organization serves as a training ground for members to become holistic doctors by means of various exposure in medical and surgical missions and relief operations in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Pax Romana

Aims to develop medical students who are made conscious of the cultural, religious, social and academic undertakings as demanded by their profession. Pax Romana, more than just a religious organization has the motto “Pax Christi in Regno Christi” or “Peace of Christ in the Kingdom of Christ”.

Medici Omnes Duciens

Develops the social and academic awareness of a medical student. Members share common interests and views mindful of the need for a unified and responsive organization that is a representative of the aspiration of both individual and the whole.

College of Nursing Student Organization
The organization that seeks to cultivate and maintain camaraderie among nursing students, encourage them to actively participate in college activities to promote physical, spiritual, intellectual, cultural and social development.

MCU Pax Romana
The group that organizes activities for the total formation of Christian individuals and intellectual and professional well-being of its members.

Nightingale Mission
An organization whose primary goal is to contribute to the solution of health and social problems affecting depressed communities.

Optometry Student Council
The organization that seeks to promote and protect the interest and welfare of Optometry students and initiates and supports meaningful projects consistent with its goals.

Medical Technology Student Council Association (CMT-SCA)
Welcomes all year levels of medical technology students and promotes welfare through mutual assistance, unity, fellowship and cooperation.

Junior Medical Technology Organization (JMTO)and Philippine Society of Medical Technology Students MCU Chapter (PHISMETS-MCU)
JMTO Composed of third year medical technology students and promotes implementation of community outreach and social relations.
PHISMETS promotes external relations and camaraderie of medical technology students among other schools.

Klubba Scientia and Humanities Guild Organization (KSO-HGO)
Helps Develop and enhance the critical thinking and creative skills of students in arts and sciences.

College of Physical Therapy Student Council
The organization that spearheads support towards the achievement of the students’ goals. It represents the values of purpose-driven leadership, academic excellence, respect for self, others and country, maintenance of value diversity, and accountability and community service.

Centralino Wellness Society

An organization promoting student welfare encompassing physical, emotional and spiritual wellness among the members of the college and that of the university. It also serves as a conduit for collaboration with other local and international Physical therapy organizations.

Graduate School Student Council
An organization responsible for the administration, management of academic-related activities and professional development of the masters’ and doctoral students.