Our basic education department is one of the best places to start laying the foundation of your child’s formation. Even in this new normal, the department continues to provide excellent programs, student services and faculty development.

A reflection of the quality we deliver, we are Level II accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities, a national external body that focuses on checking the quality standards of schools from student services, instruction and faculty.

  • 100% licensed teachers
  • User-friendly online learning system with Aralinks
  • Additional support via one-on-one time with teachers and peer tutorials
  • E-Library available to all students via WorldBook
  • During face-to-face classes, fully air-conditioned classrooms and playgrounds in a highly secured campus

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Our pre-school program prides itself with having teachers that all have Masters degrees in Early Childhood Education. We understand that this is a key point in your child’s formation, so this expertise all our teachers have, ensure you that you are entrusting your child to someone that specializes in the care and instruction of their specific age group, needs and life stage.

Besides excellent teachers, your children are also given ample space to play and learn with a dedicated play and reading areas exclusively for the kinder students.

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We are careful with the formative years of your child so we make sure that your child will never get lost in the shuffle and they get the best care with our Learner Support Program.

In this program, already well established in the whole grade school department, your child will get additional one on one time with their teachers or be included in peer tutorial groups if they need extra assistance. Additional student activities in this program to explore the skills and interests of your child.

Besides the academic development and discovery of our students, we provide wellness and mental health programs for all students, should they want or need it. Our department understands the differences in every child’s learning style and makes sure no one is left behind.

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The junior high school level is equipped with the same accredited quality as the whole of the basic education department, from quality teachers and additional learning support tutoring sessions and groups. Wellness and mental health programs are also offered to all high school students, something we deem important in the discovery and growing up stage they are going through. We also keep all students and parents in the loop with periodic or additional consultations should any child or parent need it.

Quality does not have to come at a cost. You can enjoy the same quality in junior high school but even with an available additional financial assistance. As a member Private Education Assistance Committee, you can get Php 13,000 off your child’s tuition school fees. Contact us to learn more about this financial aid.

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