Senior High School

Welcome to our Senior High School Department

Through the SHS program, we will provide the mastery concepts and skills to help you prepare for your college life and future careers. Our students enjoy the diversity of knowledge from the whole university and its immersion programs with our different colleges and other external partners. Another advantage is that you don’t need additional bridging programs to apply to your college of choice, wherever it may be. Should you find immediate employment here or abroad, you can apply for TESDA national certificates for this purpose.

Additional financial assistance is also available for this program. As a member of the Private Education Assistance Committee, a Php 22,500 cash assistance will automatically be received by a student from a public school while Php 18,500 from a private institution.

Contact us for more details on this assistance or any questions you may have, or apply now and be part of the MCU community.

SHS Strands


Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand is different from the other strands offered in the Metro due to our focus on advanced concepts and topics in Earth Science, Pre-Calculus and Calculus, Physics, and the like.

A STEM student can become a pilot, an architect, an astrophysicist, a biologist, a chemist, an engineer, a dentist, a nutritionist, a nurse, a doctor, and a lot more.


Do you see yourself owning or running an enterprise? Are you interested in taking a degree in relation to accountancy and business? Explore the Accountancy, Business, and Management or ABM strand! This strand introduces you to basic principles of the various functional business areas such as marketing, finance and accounting, information and technology, and entrepreneurship.


If you are pursuing a college degree in Liberal Arts like Literature, Communication Arts, Philosophy, in Education, in Social Sciences like History, Psychology, Philippine and International Studies, and in Mass Communication, Journalism, and Broadcast Communication, then the Humanities and Social Sciences strand or HUMSS strand is perfect for you! It is a stepping-stone for students in discovering and exploring the world, what is in it, and what is beyond it. As such, the strand is tailored to stimulate and enrich the creative, reflective, evaluative, and even critical and analytic skills you possess.


If you are still undecided on what to take and feel lost yet pressured on what degree to choose after finishing Senior High School, you can take the General Academic Strand or GAS strand. This is the most flexible strand among the other strands offered in the academic track because students will have the chance to learn and experience something from all three other strands! Giving you an overview and making sure you will know your path and be prepared for it once you’re done.

Why take SHS at MCU?

PEAC Accredited for SHS Voucher Program

Established Networks and Programs for Immersion.

Students can already apply for TESDA National Certificates I and II. Collaborative efforts from different colleges and industry partners were consolidated to develop the best program for our SHS immersion students. Various webinars, programs, virtual tours, and activities were provided among our students.

Established Learner Support Program

Remediation, Homeroom Consultation for Parents and Students, Student Activities on various skills and interests, and Wellness and Mental Health programs.

Competent Faculty members.

99% of the faculty members are licensed professionals. In addition 49% are taking Masteral degree programs.

Programmed curriculum enabling collaboration across disciplines.

The SHS curriculum allows different disciplines to integrate and collaborate on activities and performance tasks. These could help our students meet the requirements prescribed by the Department of Education.

Natural exit points for work opportunities

Students can already apply for TESDA National Certificates I and II. In addition, SHS programs envisioned four exit points – Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Employment and Middle Skills Development.

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Centralinos!

  • Multiple and Flexible Learning Modalities topped with ideal class size for better learning.
  • Child-Friendly Environment with Open and Green Learning Spaces.
  • State of the Art Facility- Fully equipped learning spaces/places. Continuous Innovation is at the heart of MCU.
  • Efficient Student Care Program. Established Learner Support Program- Homeroom Consultation for Parents and Students, Student Activities and on various skills and interests, such as play and socialization activities, Wellness and Mental Health programs, students' immersion, and experiential learning.
  • Centralino Plus Program
  • Innovative Curriculum on Outcome-Based Education Approach
  • Integrated Educational Technology- LMS, Virtual Laboratory, WorldBook elibrary
  • Secured and Safety Protocol Compliant
  • Integrated Social Learning Program-Homeroom Guidance
  • ISO Certified, Safety Approval by CHED (for some programs), CHED DOH JMC No. 2021-004 Compliant, PAASCU Accredited Level II

Start Your Journey With Us

We proudly welcome you to join our growing Centralino Community.

SHS Faculty
AY 2022-2023

Ms. Maria Eloisa C. ReyesPrincipal, BEdD

Mr. Mark Victor Emmanuel V. PatuboAssistant Principal, BEdD SHS

Ms. Marivic G. VillajosABM Strand Chairperson

Mr. Sherwin B. DalisaySTEM 12 Strand Chairperson

Ms. Jennifer BasasSTEM 11 Strand Chairperson

Mr. Matt Jordan RazonHUMSS and GAS Strand Chairperson

Ms. Michelle Gian AquinoStudent Welfare and Support Chairperson

Ms. Mary Rose AriolaSocial Learning and Participation Chairperson

Mr. Julian Axl Dela CruzEducational Technology Manager

Ms. Lyra Sansiree D. SiyaQuality Assurance Manager

Ms. Rosan VelasquezResearch Manager

ABM Faculty

Ms. Marivic G. VillajosABM Strand Chairman

Lyra Sansiree D. Siya
Ma. Theresa S. Manalang
Marietta P. Japson
John Paul Arevalo

HUMMS & GAS Faculty

Mr. Matt Jordan RazonHUMSS and GAS Strand Chairman

Melissa Caabay
Rowena Bernabe
Pamela May Sarmiento
Era Mae Dadula
Grace Jove
Ma. Joana Bello
Precious Joy Diccion
Mark Joseph Cruz
Chinnie Soriano
Reanna Teodosio
Jaramie Ching
Roxette Ponce
Cherry May Yabut
Jassen Tandog
Rosan Velasquez
Josephine Anog

STEM 11 Faculty

Ms. Jeniffer BasasSTEM 11 Strand Chairman

Julian Axl Dela Cruz
Francis Paul Adrian Ayson
Christian Cadena
Elvira Esguerra
Ricardo Infante
Shelliz Dionel Lancaon

STEM 12 Faculty

Mr. Sherwin B. DalisaySTEM 12 Strand Chairman

Marvin Feliciano
Lady Michelle Padua
Mary Rose Ariola
Angelo Jose Coronel
John Lenard Villarde
Michelle Gian Aquino
Aljohn Emmanuel Cruz
Edward Ceazar Santos

Campus Facility

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Nursing Laboratory
Nursing Skills Lab
Dentistry Lab
Centennial Gym
Basic Education Complex
Helix Auditorium
Purple Owl Complex
PGT Buidling
MCU Parking Area

The MCU Experience

Through innovative education and a culture of excellence, we have been transforming learners into future leaders since 1904. Equipped with mastery in skills and empowered with steadfast character, to contribute to and overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing world.