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We are careful with your child's formative years, so we ensure that your child will never get lost in the shuffle and get the best care with our Learner Support Program. In this program, already well established in the whole grade school department, your child will get additional one-on-one time with their teachers or be included in peer tutorial groups if they need extra assistance---additional student activities in this program to explore the skills and interests of your child.

Besides our students' academic development and discovery, we provide wellness and mental health programs for all students, should they want or need them. Our department understands the differences in every child’s learning style and ensures no one is left behind.

Talk to us to know more about how we can help your child, or apply now to be part of the MCU community.

Location & Contact Details:

Manila Central University, EDSA, Caloocan City 1400

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Why Grade School at MCU?

PAASCU Accreditation Level II

Faculty profile is 100% Licensed

Ideal Class Size

Grade 1-3 - Class size is 20 students/ section | Grade 4-6 –Class size is 30 students/ section

Established Learner Support Program

Remediation, Homeroom Consultation for Parents and Students, Student Activities on various skills and interests and Wellness and Mental Health program.

Competent and considerate Faculty members

100% of the faculty members are licensed professionals.

Bigger, Bolder, Brighter Centralinos!

  • Multiple and Flexible Learning Modalities topped with ideal class size for better learning.
  • Child-Friendly Environment with Open and Green Learning Spaces.
  • State of the Art Facility- Fully equipped learning spaces/places. Continuous Innovation is at the heart of MCU.
  • Efficient Student Care Program. Established Learner Support Program- Homeroom Consultation for Parents and Students, Student Activities and on various skills and interests, such as play and socialization activities, Wellness and Mental Health programs, students' immersion, and experiential learning.
  • Centralino Plus Program
  • Innovative Curriculum on Outcome-Based Education Approach
  • Integrated Educational Technology- LMS, Virtual Laboratory, WorldBook elibrary
  • Secured and Safety Protocol Compliant
  • Integrated Social Learning Program-Homeroom Guidance
  • ISO Certified, Safety Approval by CHED (for some programs), CHED DOH JMC No. 2021-004 Compliant, PAASCU Accredited Level II

Start Your Journey With Us

We proudly welcome you to join our growing Centralino Community.

Grade-School Faculty
AY 2022-2023

Ms. Carina R. LabticGr. 1 Class Adviser

Ms. Dinah-Lyn S. RafaelGr. 1 Subject Teacher Adviser

Ms. Danise Anne B. NatividadGr. 2 Class Adviser

Ms. Camille France L. TejosoGr. 2 Subject Teacher Adviser

Ms. Eada Mariz Z. DayaoGr. 3 Class Adviser

Mr. Kim G. AceroGr. 3 Subject Teacher Adviser

Ms. Agatha Faith Z. PecjocGr. 4 Class Adviser

Ms. Jamielyn S. FranciscoGr. 4 Subject Teacher Adviser

Ms. Emelyn D. ConcepcionGr. 5 Class Adviser

Ms. Maria Lita M. BalanayGr. 5 Subject Teacher Adviser

Mr. Heartbirth Jayson E. EduarteGr. 6 Class Adviser

Mr. Jomel Q. TabudlongGr. 6 Subject Teacher Adviser

K-10 Faculty
AY 2022-2023

Ms. Maria Eloisa C. ReyesPrincipal

Mr. Dennis S. JavierK-10 Assistant Principal

Mr. Mark Victor Emmanuel V. PatuboShs Assistant Principal

Ms. April Ann V. RamosScience Area Chair

Mr. Niño N. Dela CruzMathematics Area Chair

Ms. Danise Anne B. NatividadEnglish Area Chair

Ms. Eada Mariz Z. DayaoFilipino Area Chair

Ms. Carolina B. DuqueAraling Panlipunan Area Chair

Ms. Georlen Gay E. CablaoEpp/Tle Area Chair

Mr. Kim G. AceroEsp Area Chair

Ms. Jonalyn B. GuilasMapeh Area Chair

Mr. Richard A. CablaoK-10 Ed Tech Head

Mr. Jomel Q. TabudlongK-10 Students Welfare And Support

Mr. Heartbirth Jayson E. EduarteK-10 Social Learning And Participation

Ms. Maria Lita M. BalanayK-10 Quality Assurance Manager

Ms. Agatha Faith Z. PecjoDrrm Head

Campus Facility

MCU-FDT Learning Resource Center Building
Administration Building
MCU-FDT Learning Resource Center Building
Nursing Laboratory
Nursing Skills Lab
Dentistry Lab
Centennial Gym
Basic Education Complex
Helix Auditorium
Purple Owl Complex
PGT Buidling
MCU Parking Area

The MCU Experience

Through innovative education and a culture of excellence, we have been transforming learners into future leaders since 1904. Equipped with mastery in skills and empowered with steadfast character, to contribute to and overcome the challenges of our rapidly changing world.