MCU’s 117th Founding Anniversary Celebration

MCU’s 117th Founding Anniversary Celebration

And that’s a wrap for this year’s 117th Founding Anniversary Celebration!

Mrs. Luningning T. Estanislao, President, shares her joy in the celebration during the Opening Ceremonies of MCU’s 117th Foundation Anniversary with the theme ‘’Transforming excellence” last Friday, December 10, 2021, via Facebook Premiere.

‘’The core of any transformation is a sacred calling that is meant to help and serve.

The good transformation is based on what is good and what is right.’’ She said during the President’s message.

 ‘’MCU is a living testament of my parent’s teamwork, perseverance, and prudent management of the resources of MCU. Our founders embraced to live by noble standards of value, governing the choices of conduct to have personal considerateness and attitude towards their dealings in life and to value encounters beyond their material experiences and existence, this way of life was what we inherited from them—we are all called to continue their legacy, their principles and values are timeless.‘’ She added.

Also, one of the highlights of our celebration was the unveiling of MCU’s new Mission and Vision, Purpose, and Values as we honor and commemorate MCU’s glorious history while also looking forward to its promising future.
Ms. Eloisa C. Reyes, Overall Chairman of the 117th Foundation Anniversary, closed the opening ceremonies with the Declaration of the 117th Foundation Anniversary.

‘’117 challenging years but the legacy of our founders in us made it to our 117th glorious years’’. She said during her speech.

‘’Now, that we are facing a different challenge, there’s no other way but to move forward not to the so-called New Normal that is uncertain—but towards the new possible that we create and define our own possibilities.’’ She added.

The Opening ceremony concludes with a Live Holy Mass that was attended by MCU Officials led by Mrs. Luningning T. Estanislao, President, Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco, Vice President for Planning and External Affairs, Atty. Juan Crisostomo Echiverri, Vice President for Legal and Business Transformation, Ms. Chynna R. Gonzalez, Vice President for Student Success, alumni, College deans and department heads, students, and employees.

The continuation of our afternoon celebration starts with the Tanchoco Memorial Lecture with keynote speaker, Dr. Karl Fabian L. Uy, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and a proud alumnus of the MCU-College of Medicine. This year’s lecture is about his life narrative, and he happily reveals his guiding ideas and practices that led to who he is now.

“Probably, the most important practice that I would say help me in my career and my life would be—
Embracing change, you could express it in different ways—transform yourself, improve yourself, accept that there’s something wrong with yourself.’’ He said. ‘’You can make changes that you have control over which you think are for the better, engage some other people to make sure you are thinking on the right direction and do it—imagine doing that all the time, every day.’’ He added.

117th Foundation Celebration ended with the new Mr. and Ms. MCU 2021. Ms. MCU 2021, Ms. Trisha J. Van Eldik from the College Optometry, and Mr. MCU 2021, Mr. Jose Gabriel O. Uy, from the College of Dentistry.

This year, we have geared and adapted with various learning techniques: A Hybrid Learning approach was being implemented, MCU-Labster, a Virtual Laboratory for a closer to real Laboratory experience, a course management system, and a Campus Learning Studio for every Centralino.

Looking forward to many more years of turning dreams into reality, sustaining quality service, and pursuing academic excellence.

Thank you for being with us throughout that one hundred and seventeen years, Centralinos!